Who is Branch for?

This morning I had a call with someone who works for one of the largest and most famous WordPress agencies. It’s an agency I respect a lot and they do an incredible amount of work to support the WordPress community through various open source efforts, sponsorships etc.

While speaking to this person, I had one of those revelations that seem so obvious when you say them out loud, but it really sat with me afterwards.

An agency of their caliber is not the target user of Branch – at least not at this time. They have the willingness and resources to build everything that Branch offers internally. In fact, they built most of it already. They have the resources to hire some of the most talented WordPress developers who know exactly what kind of workflow they prefer and how to make it happen.

The mission of Branch is to make these tools and workflows available and accessible to all the other agencies and WordPress developers that doesn’t have the resources to learn about and build a CI/CD workflow on their own – you know, the ones that pay for their own WordCamp trips if they get to go at all.

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