Build, Test and Deploy your WordPress code

Branch helps you build, test and deploy your WordPress code. It's continuous integration and deployment built for WordPress.

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Continuous integration, built for WordPress development

Branch is a continuous integration setup with almost no configuration. Add a few pre-defined recipes to your build and deployment pipeline and connect to your preferred hosting provider. You don't need to be a server expert. Start small and let Branch teach you as you go.

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Build. Test. Deploy.


Never deploy a broken theme or plugin

Branch compiles your assets, installs your dependencies and runs your tests on every Git commit. For most WordPress projects, you can start with the pre-defined build steps. If you need something more custom you can add your own steps.


Are you testing everything manually?

Unfortunately, automated testing is not something that's taught in WordPress school. Thankfully, Branch makes it really easy to add the basic, most important automated tests to your projects. Your time is worth more than manual testing!


No more FTP. No more copy & paste.

Deployments with Branch are 100% automated like they should be. Throw away your old FTP clients and let Branch deploy all the changes you make. With a few website and performance tests in your deployment flow you are sure that everything works after each update.

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Up to 3 projects and 20 deployments. Great for small projects and to try out Branch.


$50 / month

Up to 10 projects, 200 deployments and team access. Great for WP professionals and teams.

Who's making this?

Hi, I’m Peter Suhm and I’m the founder of Branch. I’m on a mission to take the pain out of WordPress development. Maybe you know my other product WP Pusher?

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