Branch is under new management and re-opening soon to new customers 😀

Hi all! Keanan Koppenhaver here. I’m very excited to announce that I’ve acquired Branch and its older brother, WP Pusher.

For those of you wondering who I am, I've worked as a developer since 2014 on all sorts of sites hosted mainly on WordPress — everything from growing businesses like Chicago grocery stores and horse veterinarians in New Mexico, to independent filmmakers and non-profit organizations, to legacy publications like Women’s Wear Daily, Variety, Robb Report and Rolling Stone.

I’ve spent years speaking at meetups, conferences, and everything in between, mostly about how WordPress developers should embrace state-of-the-art developer tools created by those in our community to make our workflow easier. Git and an automated deployment pipeline, for instance, are two things I could never imagine going without. I’ve used GitHub Actions for my more complicated deployments in the past, but I also know a WordPress-specific solution is the way forward for anyone working in the WordPress ecosystem.

This is why taking the reins at Branch and WP Pusher is so thrilling to me. Branch is solid and sophisticated, supporting a multitude of workflows while still allowing you to deploy to every WordPress host in existence. And as a fellow developer, I’m overjoyed at the idea of helping WordPress developers deploy their code more easily, no matter where they’re hosted and without having to resort to FTP. Likewise, I’m hoping to bring Branch to other developers in the WordPress ecosystem, especially those with custom or complex deployment workflows who have yet to know the ease this plugin can bring.

You may have noticed that Branch has been closed to new signups for some time, but I’m happy to announce that starting October 1st, we will once again be open to sign ups. Whether you’re starting out on your CI/CD journey or are a seasoned pro looking for an alternative to manually cobbling together deployment steps, you’ll be able to use Branch to make painful WordPress deployments a thing of the past. Just fill out the form below to let us know of your interest and let’s chat about making your deployment woes a thing of the past.

If you’re an existing customer and have loved your experience using Branch prior to this acquisition, I want you to rest assured that we’re working closely with Peter Suhm for a seamless transition in maintaining the great customer experience that is the Branch signature. I appreciate the personal touch with which Peter led Branch, and it is absolutely a value I share as well. Please know that I am always available to address any and all of your concerns, and all it takes is a quick email to

I'm excited for the future of Branch and, with your support, I’m looking forward to making one of the top WordPress deployment tools even better!

Keanan Koppenhaver, owner of Branch

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