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Branch for teams

Our vision for Branch is to be the best way for agencies to deploy WordPress projects. And what are agencies? Agencies are groups of people working together to solve client problems. So naturally we are excited to finally launch proper team access to Branch!

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New recipe: Deploy to Servebolt

We just released our new Servebolt recipe. With this recipe you can easily deploy from GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab to your Servebolt sites.

This recipe works great with some of the test and QA recipes, such as Lighthouse, PHP syntax code checks etc.

Try it for free, by signing up for a Branch account.

What we’re working on at Branch these days

This email was sent to the Branch early access and user list on March 20th. I thought I would share it here on the blog as well.

Hey friend,

As most of us in the digital workforce are working from home, I thought I’d take a moment to share what we’re working on at Branch. It’s certainly not the easiest time to focus on work with the current news stream. All the anxiety and panic can make it very hard to think about work – does it even matter? However I don’t think it’s in anyone’s interest to shut down the entire world, so the parts that we can keep moving we probably should.

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📣 Announcing Build Recipes

Today was a big day at the virtual Branch office. We released the biggest overhaul of the UI to date. We completely re-imagined how build recipes work in the product. With this update, it’s all plug & play. Pick the tools you use, hit build and be done with it.

Watch the screencast in the beginning on this post to see build recipes in action.

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Who is Branch for?

This morning I had a call with someone who works for one of the largest and most famous WordPress agencies. It’s an agency I respect a lot and they do an incredible amount of work to support the WordPress community through various open source efforts, sponsorships etc.

While speaking to this person, I had one of those revelations that seem so obvious when you say them out loud, but it really sat with me afterwards.

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My vision for Branch

Yesterday I had a conversation with Jonathan Wold about Branch and the WordPress eco system in general. Jonathan asked me a few times what my vision was for Branch. How do I see this playing out? How do I envision the product in the future? The conversation sparked a lot of great questions for me to reflect on. The purpose of this blog post is to try to answer those questions.

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